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The Big Challenge 2014
Article mis en ligne le 5 juillet 2014
dernière modification le 26 octobre 2014

par Astrid France
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The Big Challenge Contest took place on the 13th of May 2014 in Collège de la Souffel and in 2653 other schools at the same time in France !

49 students in 6° and 26 students in 5° participated in our school. They had 45 minutes to answer a quiz of 54 questions and they did pretty well !
The results were given to the participants on the 20th of June. Many prizes were distributed such as diplomas, T-shirts, posters, flags, books, DVDs, magazines, earrings...
Thank you to all the participants and special CONGRATULATIONS to the winners Margaux WENDLING (6°) and Lea SIMEONOV (5°) who both finished first in their category !
Hope to see you all as motivated next year !
The English teachers

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