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News from Wales...
Article mis en ligne le 18 mars 2015
dernière modification le 22 juin 2015

par Jennifer Luscher
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Hello everyone !

Quick news from our trip ! We are doing fine and we have been really busy so far.
We had a first rainy day in Chester, England, where we lived a Roman experience. Then we visited the cathedral where everybody (teachers included !) took their pencils and paper and started drawing details of the building. Then we went to Colwyn bay, where we met our host families. They were very welcoming and everybody was really happy !

Today we went to Llechweed Caverns where we visited a slate mine. We had a lot of fun ! We then had a picnic in the countryside and we went to Conwy castle, where pupils got really intense on their art work.

Here are some photos of the trip ! Enjoy !

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